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  • The real reasons IT departments hate BYOD

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a simple concept. But that concept hides a whole series of potential pitfalls for both the unwary user and for those responsible for the services provided by organisations.

    Let me explain. The role of an ICT function is surely to provide a service? That service should satisfy the needs and requirements of the business/organisation it has responsibility to support and ultimately the people they serve.

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  • Maude: we don't have enough data for Big Data push yet

    An event held last night to kick off this week's landmark Big Data report out of the Policy Exchange think tank supported by supplier EMC saw James Petter, UK and Ireland managing director of the latter, offering the use to government of his firm's ‘Workbench’ platform, a large-scale environment that will allow experimentation with Big Data at scale to achieve the £33bn of savings identified by Policy Exchange in a report published this week.

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  • Analyst note: Public sector procurement gets tough

    The recent procurement policy note (PPN 02/12) released by the UK Cabinet Office is a paradigm shift in public sector procurement policy. It is all the more surprising that such an audacious review of policy got past the notoriously risk-averse civil service in the UK.

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  • Govt's green drive delivering thanks to ICT

    The Greening Government: ICT Strategy report, launched this week, focuses on 12 departments, including Work and Pensions, Justice, and Health, and looks at how they are adopting best practice from the government's Green ICT Workbook.

    Overall these departments saved around 232,000 tCO2 and £1.26m during the 12 months to end March 2012.

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  • "UK could save £33bn by better use of Big Data" claim

    A study released today by think tank the Policy Exchange think tank claims up to £33bn a year could be saved from public spending without cutting services - if the government made better use of data already in the system.

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